What is the Best iPhone App for Recording Podcasts?


If you can’t afford a dedicated digital field recorder, or if you just don’t want to carry around an extra device, but you still want to be able to record an interview or a podcast, no worries: there is an app for that!


There are a lot of recording apps, actually. Here are three of them that I use regularly.

First, Soundcloud – a free app that you can link to your own personal Soundcloud account. It is a very straightforward app, with an orange REC button that starts and stops the recording. During the recording, you see an orange graphical representation of the audio waveform. There is no way to influence the recording quality or to edit the recording after it is saved. You can easily post the recording to Soundcloud and notify your listeners via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare (why Foursquare?).

Easy to use, but very limited.

Click here to download it via the iTunes app store

Secondly, iTalk Recorder – there is a free, ad supported version as well as a premium version for $1.99 with some extra functionality. iTalk asks you for a Recording Name before or after you record. You can also choose three different recording settings: good, better and best quality. You start the recording by pressing a big red button in the center of the screen. During the recording, you see how much time you have been recording, which is useful if you want to keep your podcast within a certain time limit. After you finish the recording, the file is stored on your iPhone in AIFF format. The premium version of the app lets you upload the recording to Dropbox or Soundcloud, and you can also retrieve the recording via iTunes. If you record on an iPhone 4 or better, the app also applies some pretty good noise canceling.

Easy to use, good audio quality and the Dropbox functionality is very handy. The premium version is steal for just $1.99.

Click here to download the free version

Click here to buy the $1.99 premium version (affiliate link – helps SQPN)

Thirdly, BossJock – a brand new, full featured podcast recording program that offers a number of unique features that have never before been implemented in a recording app on iOS. The most important one is the ability to play jingles during your podcast recording! You can set jingles to fade out and you can also set the amount of ‘ducking’ of the music when you speak. Audio quality is impressive, with automatic compression. BossJock auto-generates a filename based on the date and time of the recording, which is very handy for archiving of your files. You can also, of course, change the filename into something else. The app also allows you to immediately distribute your file via email, iTunes share, Soundcloud or FTP (rarely seen in iOS apps!). The authors are working on Dropbox integration.

What makes this app my absolute favorite of the three is that it allows me to record a full-fledged podcast with jingles and background music- ON MY IPHONE! The app also supports external mono or stereo microphones that are available for the iPhone, so in theory, a podcast could sound just as good as one recorded in my homestudio!

Because of its extensive features, BossJock is priced a bit higher than other programs, but at $9.99 it is still an amazing bargain when you compare it with dedicated podcast recording programs on your computer. The only other way to record a podcast with jingles is on a computer with a mixer – a whole lot more expensive and bulkier! A no-brainer for anyone who is serious about mobile podcast recording.

Click here to buy BossJock in the iTunes app store for $9.99 (affiliate link – helps SQPN)



  1. It sounds awesome. Now, if they only add the ability to tag that .mp3 file with artwork, title, album, artist, and genre, it would be awesome.

    Oh, and as long as the .mp3 file with “LAME” encoder allows you to choose 192kbps. 😉

  2. BTW, did you know that if you were to use the LiveFyre plugin for comments, I’d get notified if you were to reply to this? 😉

  3. Father Roderick,

    Thank you so much for the kind words! Our next update is on track to be submitted for approval this weekend. There are some bugs to squash, but Dropbox and longer cart fades are the focus of this update. We love hearing feedback about the app, how people are using it and how we can make it better.

    Cliff mp3 metadata is coming, we need a bit of time to get it right. Is 192kbps a desirable bit rate setting.

    It was great meeting you guys at Blogworld NYC!

    • Father Roderick says:

      192 kbps is certainly desirable since the LAME mp3 encoder has some quality issues in 128 kbps (the Fraunhofer codec sounds a *lot* better at that bitrate). However, at 192 kbps, the LAME codec produces a much more acceptable result for podcasters, even though the file size will be somewhat bigger.

  4. Daniella Alpher says:

    Hi, I notice you didn’t mention the Hindenburg iPhone app. It’s expensive ($25) and buggy (I occasionally have to restart my iPhone to get it to work) but I’ve been using it for the past couple of months and the quality is much better than my Philips Voice Tracer. What do you think of it?

  5. You should also consider adding Mobile Podcaster to this list. You can record your podcast and then the app lets you upload it directly to your WordPress site, including a new blog post. As simple as it gets.

  6. robert mckinney says:

    Which app allows you to record the longest podcast?

  7. Dan says:

    Would any of these allow me to upload the audio file to iMovie?

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  9. Carli says:

    Thanks Father Roderick!

    I downloaded iTalk today and it works great! Recorded my first interview on there. The sound quality was amazing (paid version).

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