Exclusive Soundseeing Tour of Vatican Radio

Today, I’m taking you with me on a very special soundseeing tour in a place where no tourist has gone before: inside the imposing palace of Vatican Radio! We’ll be exploring the offices, the studios, a hidden chapel, the Vatican’s only Apple Powerbook, the pope’s personal piano and we’ll take a look at all the high-tech equipment in there. We’ll talk to several people about their work, and of course: we’ll try to convince Vatican radio that they should get into podcasting!!

Sunny Morning Walk through Trastevere, Rome

This morning the sun is shining in Rome, the sky is blue and the smell of fresh bread and cappucino fills the air. I’m leaving early to take you with me to one of the nicests places in Rome: the small streets of Trastevere. There’s lots to see, and lots to hear.

Soundseeing Tour from within the Roman Catacombs of Priscilla

In today’s podcast, I’m taking you on another soundseeing tour to a place not many of you will have ever visited. A place of both death and life, of darkness and hope, below the surface of the city of Rome…