Bedtime Procrastination, Pasta Salad, Neural Photoshop Filters and Nintendo

In this episode of Father Roderick to the Max:

  • Health: revenge bedtime procrastination
  • Kitchen: the downside of meal prep; Pasta salad
  • What I learned: how to colorize B/W photos in Photoshop (neural filters)
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy: Marvel Unlimited? Sci-fi games I want to play
  • Thought of the week: @librarymindset on Instagram
  • Games: Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack; Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise

Returning to normal; mealprep experiments; Liturgy at Saint Peter’s; the Haunted Chocolatier

In this episode: Life slowly returning to normal; meal prep experiments in my new kitchen; Liturgy reform at Saint Peter’s Basilica; Games I’m looking forward to play on the Xbox; the Haunted Chocolatier.

Fried Stuffed Olives

In this episode, I talk about lifestyle changes and results and a bunch of other topics.

  • Health: losing weight with MyFitnessPal, Rotterdam Marathon.
  • Kitchen: alternatives to bread. Omelettes, yoghurt, rice, fried stuffed olives
  • Comics/Superheroes: Marvel’s What if.. And Star Wars: Visions
  • Games: Valheim Hearth & Home

French Lentils, Improving my handwriting, speaking Latin, Spider-man and survival skills

In this episode, I talk about lifestyle changes and results and a bunch of other topics.

  • Health: lifestyle changes and results.
  • Kitchen: Lentil Salad (Auvergne recipe)
  • What I’ve learned: improving my handwriting, Speaking Latin (Ankidroid)
  • Superheroes: 9/11 The Amazing Spider-man tribute
  • Games: Stranded Deep

Patience, Trenette al Pesto, Liturgy & Reverence, Atari

In this episode:

  • An update on the renovations and an exercise in patience
  • Recipes from the movie ‘Luca’: Trenette al Pesto (
  • Health: how I’m losing weight and build strength
  • Liturgy: how to celebrate Mass with reverence
  • Videogames: replaying classic Atari games from my childhood

Telescopes, Star Trek and Breakfast Tortillas

In this episode: telescopes, breakfast tortillas, Severus Snape and the Force, Star Trek: The Motion Picture remaster, The X-Files Mytharc rewatch, Apple Arcade and Fantasian.


  • Tortilla Wrap Hack:
  • The Mytharc rewatch:
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture remaster:

Why Kermit was right

In this episode of Father Roderick to the Max:

Should I build a Hobbit home?

In this episode of Father Roderick to the Max:

  • Update: starting the renovation; Ideas from Rick Steve’s Europe. NPR interview on the podcast ‘How I Built This’.
  • Productions: Made a list of travel vlogs I could edit
  • Kitchen: Focaccia recipe van Luigi
  • What I learned: Dreaming of a Hobbit Room. Scott Christian Sava, part-time Hobbit
  • Salem’s Lot: Salem’s Lot (2004), Stephen King story with Rob Lowe (from the West Wing), Andre Braugher (House, Brooklyn Nine-Nine ), Donald Sutherland (from the Hunger Games – president) Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), Samantha Mathis (Under the Dome)
  • Liturgy: renewal, Masses ‘Rebuilt’

Duet with a cat

In this episode of Father Roderick to the Max:

  • Intro: Another offer for a house
  • Health: balancing acts, recovery days
  • Kitchen: looking forward to induction and an oven
  • What I learned: Premiere Pro press r to activate a tool that can stretch or condense clips, synchronize external audio. Duet with a cat:
  • Liturgy: Guidelines for Televising the Liturgy
  • Games: Valheim community server

Media production secrets

In this episode of Father Roderick to the Max:

Ned Flanders, Catholic Geeks and digital painting

In this episode:

  • Production update: community building
  • Health: mental balance and physical health
  • Kitchen: hearty breakfast ideas?
  • Learned: Procreate on the iPad
  • Comics: Bible in Ned Flanders’ house
  • Liturgy: international Mass – why I’m not mixing things up too much
  • Games: Cyberpunk 2077

Goal setting and habits, dreaming big, pasta & goat cheese

In this episode:

  • Kitchen: mushroom pasta with goat cheese
  • What I learned this week: goal setting and focusing on systems. Do goals make us unhappy?
  • Wandavision review
  • Lucasfilm Games and my Lego channel
  • Liturgy: Ash Wednesday in times of Corona


Chinese cooking, YouTube and Kylo Ren

In this episode of Father Roderick To The Max:

The New Year’s Day Show!

In this first podcast of 2021:
  • DayOne – Why I may start journaling
  • Bread Pudding – what to do with leftover new year’s eve donuts
  • Good Reads Challenge 2021 – why I want to read 64 books in 2021
  • Star Wars – what I discovered about The Last Jedi
  • Frankincense – quality matters
  • Epic Games – cool new games to play in 2021

Exploding Oatmeal, Saint Nicholas and LEGO Vatican City

In this episode:

  • Health: I’m prescribed occupational therapy and ergo therapy
  • Kitchen: Mussels, Pumpkin Soup and Microwave mishaps
  • What I learned this week on TikTok:
    • art @_theiconoclass why the Mona Lisa is so famous.
    • What beds looked like in the middle ages
    • @donmarshall72 The Obscure Lord of the Rings Facts Guy
    • @writerchitwood about film making, what happens on the set
  • Liturgy: veneration of relics, Saint Nicholas
  • LEGO Vatican City

Winterfood, Augmented Reality, Languages Liturgy and LEGO

In this episode:

Dutch Pea Soup, The Queen of Cleaning and Communion Wafers

In this episode:

  • Traditional Dutch Pea Soup
  • How to make Pasta Puttanesca (YouTube video)
  • What I learned on the Internet: The Queen of Cleaning on TikTok
  • Reading comics on my new iPad
  • How are Communion Wafers made?
  • The Genshin Impact soundtrack

Sticky Notes, Cauliflower Rice and Invalid Baptisms

In this episode:

  • What I learned online: Sticky Notes app!
  • Kitchen: Cauliflower rice; Penne Vodka
  • Liturgy: invalid baptisms
  • Games: Fall Guys; Cloud gaming (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate)
  • Tech: Xiaomi Mi Band 5; Sony’s A7SIII; Apple event vs Facebook event, Oculus Quest 2

The best pasta dish in the world

In this episode:

A Prank, Spaghetti carbonara and Hamilton

In this episode

  • I’ve been pranked!
  • How to get access to the Discord server
  • Food: recipe for Spaghetti alla carbonara
  • History: Hamilton – musical on Disney+
  • Comics: Spiderham (from the multiverse/spiderverse)
  • Liturgy: the altar (continued)
  • Mediatip: who do I follow on Tik Tok?

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, the Altar, Body Language

In this episode:

  • An authentic recipe for spaghetti aglio e olio
  • Childhood memories of my dad
  • Hawkeye vs. Deadpool
  • Zelda Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles for Nintendo Switch
  • The Altar in Catholic Liturgy
  • The Behavior Panel –

Onion Soup, history’s dark pages, General Hux, Church desecration and the PS5 reveal

In this episode:

  • Cooking: Onion soup
  • History: Facing history’s dark pages
  • Comics: Star Wars: Age of Resistance – General Hux (2019)
  • Liturgy: what you can and can’t do in a church.
  • Media review: The Office Ladies; The Playstation 5 reveal


French Toast, Liturgical Postures, The Last Jedi Comic Book, Facebook’s and Apple’s AR technology

In this episode

  • Food: French Toast – childhood memories. Our Belgian aunt made them for us. Food magic!
  • History: searching for the origin of our statues
  • Comics: The Last Jedi Comic book adaptation. Spectacular. Filters out the noise.
  • Games: Animal Crossing New Horizons experiences
  • Liturgy: Kneelers
  • VR: Facebook’s vision of the future. Facebook shops and rotating view, passthrough AR functionality.

My Comfort Food Top 5, Saint John Paul II, Ms. Marvel and Apple Glass

In this episode, I talk about my comfort food top 5;: remembering Karol Wojtyla who was born 100 years ago; Ms Marvel (2014); Assasin’s Creed visitor mode; Kneelers in the liturgy and my thoughts on the rumored Apple Glass.

Shark Fin Soup, German Literature Nightmares, Harry Potter Lego

Another episode of Father Roderick to the Max, with my recipe for Shark Fin Soup, German Literature nightmares, Journey to the Rise of Skywalker Comic Book review, my take on the new Harry Potter Lego sets, news about the Oculus Quest 2, digital board games and my new drone!

Fried Rice, Elfia, the Fantastic Four, Spring Cleaning and Star Wars

The second episode of Father Roderick To The Max, in which I give you my favorite recipe for fried rice, I share my memories of the fantasy festival Elfia, I review the comic book series Fantastic Four (2018), I tell you about spring cleaning in my church and I walk around in Theed and Maz Kanata’s Castle on the planet of Takodana. Enjoy!

Father Roderick To The Max – premiere episode!

This is a new show instead of the aftershow. You get the maximum amount of Fr. Roderick, patrons only.

In this episode:

8 Book reviews and strategies for YouTube growth!

The first episode in the new year of my revamped podcast exclusive to my patrons. This week:

An update on my new YouTube channels

A review of the following books:

  • I am C-3PO by Antony Daniels
  • The great hunt by Robert Jordan
  • Wishful drinking by Carrie Fisher
  • Becoming Superman by Joe Straczinsky
  • Yes Please by Amy Poehler
  • Legend, Prodigy and Champion by Marie Lu

My experiences in applying SEO to my videos on YouTube

Let me know how you like the new format and thanks for your ongoing support!