Covid-19, Ozark, Fallen Priests, Bedtime Stories

In this episode:

  • My Covid-19 experiences
  • Movies/TV: Big Bang Theory & Ozark, Avatar, Rick and Morty
  • Peculiar Bunch: Fallen priests
  • Books: Google bedtime stories.
  • Tech: Why I ordered a Pulse Oximeter

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  1. Hi Fr, welcome back! You really spoke out over what you see as the position of the priesthood in the USA. I suspect that you will get quite a reaction to it! Like you I was shocked and appalled by the recent incident in New Orleans. I can only pray for that parish. Fortunately, the majority of priests live lives of service to their people. God Speed! Jim

  2. Hi Fr. Roderick,

    I apologize, but I respectfully disagree with your opinion regarding Priests being called by their first name. I feel that the respect is for the Priesthood, not the person. I feel that I’m respecting the office that Jesus instituted. So I always call a Priest “Father”, always, and that’s out of respect for our Lord. Even this Priest you mentioned caught doing despicable acts on the altar, if I met him I would address him as Father. Again, I’m respecting the Priesthood, the office, not the person.

    When we kiss the ring of a Bishop it has nothing to do with who that Bishop is, it’s his office that’s being respected.

    I was in the military, and officers are saluted, not the person, but the rank. You may have zero respect for that officer, but you still salute the rank, the position.

    Also, on a lesser note, it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, like calling my parents by their first name rather than Mom and Dad.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents.

    God love you, Father. 😉

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