Star Trek: Lower Decks is much better than I thought

In this episode of The Break:

? News:
Blisters, upcoming vacation and posting schedules.

? Movies/TV:
• Rings of Power full trailer
• Star Trek: Lower Decks

? Food & health:
• Non-fussy Sheet Pan Chicken Tikka

? Books:
• Michael Ward – Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C. S. Lewis:
• Charles Soule – Light of the Jedi:

♻️ Nature & Sustainability:
• Shampoo and other soapbars:
• Matt Winning – Hot Mess:

? Tech & Video Games:
• Planet Zoo (Zoo simulator) is 70% off until 1 August.
• No Man’s Sky 50% off.
• Descript!


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