The Harry Potter Reunion; Eternals; Forgiveness, the 5 am Club, Groundhog Day


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World news I reflect on:
• Infections up, hospitalizations down. Hopefully movie theaters can open next week? (I still haven’t seen Spider-Man, Matrix and West Side Story!)
• News about abuse in archdiocese of Munich. The Voice of Holland situation.
• Victim blaming. Beatification process Fr. Van der Lugt halted because of his derogatory comments about victims of abuse in 2009.

Movies/TV shows:
• Harry Potter reunion
• Eternals
• Moon Knight

Faith question I answer:
• Difference between forgiveness, reconciliation, restauration:

Book I have read:
• The 5 am Club

Scientific news I react to:
• The inside of the earth is cooling:

Tech development I react to:
• How I wake up like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day

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  1. Commenting on your take on Daniel Radcliffe, I was fortunate enough to see him on Broadway. Waiting outside the stage door, I witnessed this man spend over an hour going down the line of fans waiting for him, taking pictures, signing autographs (including HP memorabilia) and chatting with people, most of whom were HP fans. He could not have been more gracious. He did this every night after a grueling stage performance. I believe his run as Harry Potter has given him the freedom to pursue his acting career without worrying about money and he has done many odd roles since. In addition I have never heard him say anything negative towards the Fandom and he in fact has a good sense of humor about his fame.

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