Should I build a Hobbit home?

In this episode of Father Roderick to the Max:

  • Update: starting the renovation; Ideas from Rick Steve’s Europe. NPR interview on the podcast ‘How I Built This’.
  • Productions: Made a list of travel vlogs I could edit
  • Kitchen: Focaccia recipe van Luigi
  • What I learned: Dreaming of a Hobbit Room. Scott Christian Sava, part-time Hobbit
  • Salem’s Lot: Salem’s Lot (2004), Stephen King story with Rob Lowe (from the West Wing), Andre Braugher (House, Brooklyn Nine-Nine ), Donald Sutherland (from the Hunger Games – president) Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), Samantha Mathis (Under the Dome)
  • Liturgy: renewal, Masses ‘Rebuilt’

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