The Walk

The Walk with Fr. Roderick: a podcast in which we walk from one Camino to the next!


What I learned from Saint Titus Brandsma

Get It Done Now! What I learned from Brian Tracey

What I learned from my TikTok followers

Just show up

The core of my vocation

Living a frugal life

A year of change

It’s a jungle out here!

It’s time for an adventure

Helping realize someone else’s dream

The weight of time

Stuff to part with

Who cares what other people think of me?

The power of storytelling

The Rabbit and the Rifle

External and Internal Boundaries

Think Again

Do you Live to Work or Work to Live?

Overcoming Perfectionism Paralysis

Where do you see yourself in one year?

Happy New Year!

Frogs for Christmas

Rewiring my brain

Looking For The Perfect Sunday

What I Learned From The Compound Effect

I feel good!

Home Sweet Home!

Multitasking is a Myth

The Importance of Self-Care

Things I learned this summer

Engaging My Inner Critic

My Floating Tire

Tiny Habits

Feeding Bears

Give me a break

How to get out of a rut

Just the way you are

Room for Muppets

Lessons from the Camino

Love your neighbor as yourself

Arthuro the Cat

The gift of your time

An Easter Walk in Wageningen

Things are getting real


Speed boats and oil tankers

The Road Outside Your Door

Happy Trees

Things I’ve learned in post-Covid therapy

The Fig Tree

Never enough?

What journaling taught me (so far)

Looking for Wisdom in the New Year

Bringers of Light

Breaking Bad?

The Pyramid

The Question Behind the Question

This year was awesome. No, really!



Two Weeks of Covid-19

Why I’m wearing a mask

Living the Hobbit life and other dreams

Self-limiting doubts vs. unlimited potential

The art of communal discernment

Goals without limits

Me and the environment

Pain, pleasure and beliefs

Why I’m a happy priest despite disappointments

Work, values and changing your mental state

My ‘Tetris moment’

What got me here won’t get me there

I got tested for COVID-19

The Vase and the Stones

Don’t be afraid to break things to start something new

Rainy Day Ideas!

Be driven by vision not by requests

Why you should always protect your boundaries

That’s not how the Force works!

Flattening the Corona Stress Curve

What I learned about leadership

It’s all grace

Rediscovering the sound of silence

The need for structure

How to connect in times of social distancing?

Slow down, you go too fast


Lent, soup and Covid-19

STOP what you’re doing (sometimes)


My ‘Online Parish’

The Best Stories Are Personal Stories

My father has dementia – This is what he teaches me

What I’ve learned from successful media producers

What to focus on next year?

The challenges of being a leader

Giving myself permission to follow my own way

Something is cooking!

Providence in Scotland

On my way to Scotland!


Please State the Nature of the Emergency

Most People Are Good

I got scammed

Healthy habits

In the zone

How to slow down time by setting new goals

What the monks in Ireland taught me

The journey


The Studio Make-Over


The art of doing less

What I learned from streaming on YouTube

Walking the tightrope

Douce France

Easter Selfies

Pistachio Ponderings

Working less, accomplishing more

A waste-free Lent

High-risk vs low-risk

Double lives

Punks and lumberjacks

Does it spark joy?

The Subtle Art…

Mission first!

Red Traffic Lights

Out with the old, in with the new

Life lessons from my barber

Walking in the Holy Land

Buy less, give more


I’m no superhero

When in doubt, say no

My mind is an IKEA ball-pit

10 Boxes

Big Changes Ahead

Wolves and Shepherds

Think Different

The Art of Feedback

Sickness and Health


Strange Adventures in Facebook Marketing

Freshly Cut Grass


Right Where I’m Supposed To Be

God, What Are You Doing?

My Next Two Projects

Work to Live, Don’t Live To Work

Dreams Come True

Anxiety and Trust

Course Correction

The Carrot

Three criteria for work that makes you happy

Lessons Learned

What Saint Nicholas Taught Me about Giving and Spending

I Should Be So Stressed Right Now…

Tragedy and Prayer

Letting Go of the Past

Surviving Rome

Fatigue and what to do about it


Three Decisions

Radical Poverty

The Next Big Leap

Do Whatever He Tells You

The Value of Things

Studio Update


The Things That Hold You Back

I Did it My Way

Almost There

Buen Camino!


The Little Things

The Goldcrest

WLK169: Second Honeymoon

WLK168: No Stress

WLK167: What’s Your Carrot?

WLK166: Leaving Sickbay

WLK165: Walking in Rome

WLK164: I Am So Tired

WLK163: Measuring the Distance