The Walk: I Finally See What I Couldn’t See Before

After a difficult week, I had a breakthrough insight about how I can use my media expertise and experience to coach individuals and groups in their efforts to be successful in their outreach on social media.

In the premium part I record for my patrons, I share some early ideas about the way in which I intend to develop this in the weeks to come.

You can get access to the premium version of The Walk by joining the Patreon community over at

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  1. You were talking about how the previous week was a rough week for you and there is a concept that I’ve heard that fits with that very well. That concept is the 50/50 principal. This principal is that drawer life is 50% pain and 50% pleasure and we often try to resist that 50% pain and doing so we actually encourage more pain upon ourselves. Yet when we are able to accept the pain discomfort of whatever is happening to us And we can step through those thoughts and accept the emotions that come from those thoughts then we find that our lives are richer Fuller because of it.

    Yes, it is nice to have joy and fulfillment, but to balance that out, we do need disappointment, frustrations, and sadness. We can’t have the lofty peaks of success without the valleys of disappointment.

    Love what you’re doing. Keep it up Padre will be able to make enough money so that you can keep going. Keep on keeping on

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