Just the way you are

In this episode of The Walk, I talk about the side-effects I recently experienced after my vaccination. I also share an important insight I gathered from editing the Camino series and I give you an update on my current situation.
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  1. I really connected with this episode. Letting go of deadlines and expectations can be hard. I often feel that I let others down if I don’t follow what they want to do. It’s difficult to take time for myself, but I am working on it. Thank you for your comments Father and do take care of yourself. You are an important link to God for many of us. I for one appreciate your work and look forward to learning from you. God bless you and let’s keep praying for each other.

  2. Just listened tonight. So glad you and your family are doing okay. May you all continue to do so. Love your encouraging words regarding God’s care for us.

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