My Floating Tire

In this episode I share how I keep myself afloat when I feel like I’m drowning.

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  1. Thank you for this episode Father! You definitely are good enough and more for me! Thank you for sharing your feeling and yourself. I too have been criticized for taking my own path, for watching what I eat, and trying to keep a personal rhythm. I have too often experienced the feeling of being left out and not included. I had tears in my eyes listening and knowing that I am NOT alone! God bless you Father and your very important ministry.

  2. Dank je wel F Roderick!
    Ben juist blij dat je anders bent!!
    Maar verder heel veel herkenning, ook mooi hoe je op het laatst vertelt en door hebt, waar het over gaat, onderliggende reden.
    Harte groet,

  3. I have appreciated listening to your Walk podcast this past year, being first drawn to your podcast about hobbits. Today’s episode where you exposed so much of your heart and soul touched me deeply. So many times I have felt as you described, never quite enough to measure up to expectations, and being terribly uncomfortable with isolation. Thank you for your openness and honesty! Just knowing there is another kindred spirit helps me.

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