Paper books or ebooks? Why I got rid of almost all my books!

Join me on my first enhanced episode of my show The Walk! For years, The Walk was available as an audio-only program that you could listen to as a podcast. But starting this month, I am adding video to the experience so you can actually see where I’m walking!

In this episode, I share with you my thoughts on the question: paper books or ebooks? I tell you why I have done away with 95% of my books, and how that decision impacted me. In addition, at one point during my walk, I stumble upon a surprising creature in the woods!

For those of you that prefer an audio-only experience, the regular podcast is available in its regular feed that you can find by searching for ‘The Walk with Father Roderick’ wherever you get your podcasts, or by going to

Filming this episode with my old Asus mobile phone made me realize how much a newer phone could improve the image quality. If you would like to help me with that investment, consider becoming a monthly contributor on

I walk an extra mile every week with my patrons and I share some more personal thoughts, projects and plans. That video is exclusively accessible to all my patrons.

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