The Fig Tree

In this episode I talk about my trip through China, about the differences between how I experienced Sundays last year compared to this year and I share some thoughts on the parable of the barren fig tree.

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  1. Thankyou Fr Roderick for your podcast. I enjoy listening to them and I sometimes share them with a Dutch friend of mine who has been in Australia for many years. He is now 80 and very inspirational to me and other parishoners here in Keilor East Melbourne.
    We wish you a speedy recovery fron Covid 19 and continued good health

  2. Another charming episode.
    I’m not religious but I find your personality/presence very comforting. No matter what happens in my life I can listen to your podcast and be brought back to earth.
    Have been listening since your “secrets of” podcast days!
    Glad to hear you’ve recovered well, but don’t work yourself into the ground!

  3. Dank u wel father Roderick , ben blij voor u wat betreft de nieuwe zondagen, zo eerlijk weer gedeeld over wat het is om een levende kerk te hebben. Ik denk dat er niet veel zijn die zo naar zichzelf durven kijken en dingen ter discussie durven stellen.
    Ik doe elke zondag mee met de dienst,
    Harte groet,
    Mia Maria

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