Why I’m a happy priest despite disappointments

I’ve encountered and sometimes shared some of my frustrations, worries and disappointments I experienced as a priest. And yet, deep down inside, I am profoundly happy with my vocation and with the choices I have made to follow it. In this episode, I share with you what helps me to stay a happy priest despite the shortcomings of myself and of the church that I’m a part of.

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  1. Fr. Roderick,
    I am so happy to have “re-found” your podcast. I love your perspective on things. For example, I love your honestly about the church, even though you are embedded in it and it is such a strong part of your life.

    I am a Catholic, and I personally love the Mass and the structure of it. I find that my local priests that I knew have always been warm and close to those of us in in the flock. They were also aften “butting heads” with their upper managers, the bishop of the region. Well, unfortunately for us ALL, we are ALL human, and as Catholics we understand we are all flawed. Sadly, the Catholic church is fully made up of humans…..all humans and all as flawed as anyone else. That could make everyone sad…..but that is the reality, and we can’t expect ANY human to be perfect. So the church will never be perfect…..

    Also, the church is a “top down” organization, and that is just a historic reality. I think it is actually IMPORTANT to keep a strong focus on Gods word, because God’s guidance should not be formed by “popular demands”. So a strong focus on the bible and God’s word.

    BTW: I think “the rules” are important only as they are far as they are helpful to guide us. We are supposed to be all God’s children, and at the same time all flawed. (I actually understand how the church could have turned a blind eye to the bad apples in the church…..but I also understand why outsiders would be upset)

    I appreciate your open discussion…..we have to have faith in God and ask for his guidance for our individual actions…..of course, none of us do that enough, but I believe God loves to see it when we “try”.

    Keep the faith…..we are in a very difficult times. Life is stressful enough when things are good….so when we have this virus pushing us apart, it only makes sense things break down so easily. Humans are only human…..keep the faith. God will lead you.

    Merry Christmas,

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