My weekly podcast: Boba Fett, The Hail Mary Project, why Catholics like to party!

In this live recording of my weekly podcast, I share my thoughts on the Book of Boba Fett, I explain why Catholics start celebrating Christmas when the rest of the world wraps things up, I review Andy Weir’s book The Hail Mary Project, we’ll talk about sign language, I give an update on the Webb telescope and I share some discoveries of new functionality in old gadgets.


☕ – Chat
00:00:00 pre-show
00:01:12 boba fett watch party
00:14:10 Intro / Start of show

🩺 Health
00:15:12 Intro Jingle
00:15:26 Booster + Omicron Variant
00:19:33 Having Hope
00:21:06 The Walk – The Extra Mile

🍿 – Movies & TV
00:23:15 Intro Jingle
00:23:38 Book of Boba Fett

🙏 – The Peculiar Bunch
00:34:09 Intro Jingle
00:34:55 Christmas as Catholics

📚 – Books
00:43:06 Intro Jingle
00:43:19 Book Review: Andy Weir – Hail Mary Project

🔭 – Science
00:59:30 Intro Jingle
00:59:39 Webb Telescope

💻 – Technology
01:03:05 Intro Jingle
01:03:33 Discovering new functionality in existing gadgets
01:06:06 Journalling (Day 1 App)

🏃‍ – End
01:15:08 End Jingle

☕ – Chat
01:16:10 post show & chatroom reactions
01:22:03 End Show

program: Live Podcasts

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