The Harry Potter Reunion; Eternals; Forgiveness, the 5 am Club, Groundhog Day

A live stream of my weekly podcast ‘Father Roderick’

🌍 World news:
• Infections up, hospitalizations down. Hopefully movie theaters can open next week? (I still haven’t seen Spider-Man, Matrix and West Side Story!)
• News about abuse in archdiocese of Munich. The Voice of Holland situation.
• Victim blaming. Beatification process Fr. Van der Lugt halted because of his derogatory comments about victims of abuse in 2009.

🍿 Movies/TV:
• Harry Potter reunion
• Eternals
• Moon Knight

🙏 Faith:
• Difference between forgiveness, reconciliation, restauration

📚 Books:
• The 5 am Club

🧪 Science:
• The inside of the earth is cooling:

⚙️ Tech:
• How I wake up like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day


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