10 Clues that tell us NOT TO TRUST the Rancor Keeper! The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 3 Deep Dive

In this video, I react to the two different interpretations of the Rancor scenes in chapter 3 of The Book of Boba Fett:

The theory by Alex from ‘Star Wars Explained’ that the Rancor is important because it symbolizes Boba Fett’s own journey on the one hand (https://youtu.be/HjJ2GofD1Jw) and the New Rockstars’ suspicion that the Rancor is part of a trap on the other hand (https://youtu.be/t-KDrlzWzlA).

I am more and more convinced that Danny Trejo’s character of the Rancor Keeper is not be trusted. The entire story is eerily similar to Virgil’s story of the Trojan Horse. In this video, I give you 10 clues that this is what is actually going on:

1. If Boba Fett will be shown taming the Rancor, it would just repeat the taming of the Blurrg by the Mandalorian.
2. Boba Fett himself tells Fennec that he expects the Hutts to strike AGAIN
3. The Hutts offer Boba Black Krrsantan, a Rancor, a Rancor Keeper and a truce by walking away from the planet. Really??
4. If the Rancor is a bit like a wild horse that has to be tamed, this analogy could hint at the story of the huge wooden horse brought as an offering to the fortified city of Troy.
5. Just like in the story of the Trojan Horse, Boba and Fennec think they have won after defeating Black Krrsantan, and celebrate this with a big festive meal.
6. The Rancor Keeper mirrors the greek prisoner Sinon in the story of the Trojan horse, who lies and deceives the people of Troy by telling them that the horse full of treasure is now theirs to keep.
7. The line of the monster imprinting on the first human it sees comes straight from Jurassic Park, where it was thought that the baby Velociraptors did the same. We know how that ended.
8. Why would the Rancor Keeper have deliberately blinded the Rancor for its entire life while he tells Boba Fett that he has been training it for years?? It doesn’t make sense.
9. When the Rancor opens its eyes, its vision is blurred. Doesn’t look like a depression to me, more like a creature that was heavily drugged.
10. In one funny scene we see how a Scurrier eats a Sand Bat, and is in turn eaten by a Worrt outside the palace. There is always a bigger fish. As in: Black Krrsantan and the bigger fish: the Rancor.

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