How I take photos with my phone

Another vlog I originally recorded for my monthly supporters! I share some photography tips during a nice springtime walk.

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Malani Baker

Thank- you for sharing these tips , Fr. Very interesting. The tip i appreciated the most was the idea of creating a good composition when photographing a landscape. I often will photograph just the landscape without thinking about the composition. Your reminder of how to adjust the frame so to place the horizon in a better position was a great idea! I especially appreciated the last point you made – no expensive cameras are required to take good photos just a better understanding of the scenery you’re trying to convey through the camera lense with your cellphone or camera. All i could think of as you were sharing great tips was – No wonder The Dutch have some of the best Master Painter’s / Artist in the Art World! Thank-you for the MasterClass, Fr! God Bless!

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