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As a content creator, coach, trainer and speaker with 25 years of experience building and uniting communities through shared stories, it is my mission to help you communicate your message to the world.

Whether you’re a content creator, a business owner, a pastor, coach or leader, I can help you take your social media game to the next level.

I Can Be You Coach And Trainer

Over the years, I have been training and coaching parishes, dioceses and individual content creators all over the world. From New Zealand and Australia to the United States, I love to connect with creative people that want to improve their communication skills  and their use of modern media.

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I Help You Improve Your Social Media Outreach

Your story deserves to be told, and I can help you improve your use of social media to find the audience you seek.
I work with you or with your organization to help you improve your social media outreach and achieve amazing results with less work and more joy!


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Helping You Create Professional Video

I have been hosting, filming and producing documentaries, interviews and news reports for Dutch national television since 2009.
I can teach you how to master all aspects of professional video production to make stunning programs on any budget.

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Reach Your Audience With A Podcast

I have been producing thousands of podcasts since 2005. My show 'The Catholic Insider' is the longest running Catholic Podcast in the world.

I can teach you how to create your own podcast with compelling content and professional quality.


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Public Speaking

I have been sharing my adventures as a Media Priest at events and symposiums in Europe, Asia and America. I'm fluent in English, French, Dutch and Italian.

I can speak at your event or serve as a host or interviewer.

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Mission-Driven Media Makeover

Even though I work full-time in the media, my life as a diocesan priest is grounded in the parish ministry.

I can help your parish or religious organization with a total media makeover, training communities to reach more people with less effort, more impact and more fun!

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